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Meredith's current schedule:


Mar. 16-28: South Cyprus

March 28-April 4: North Cyprus

April 5-9: Nuevo Tango Week, Istanbul

April 12-17: Tricity, Poland

April 25-end of August: Buenos Aires

Sept. 5-11: Pittsburgh

Sept. 11-13: Rochester, NY

Sept. 13-19: Ithaca, NY

Sept. 19-26: Helena, MT

Oct.3-10: San Diego

Oct. 10-17: Santa Barbara & Ojai see flyer

Oct. 24-Nov. 1: San Francisco download flyer

Nov. 8-13: Tango de los Muertos, Boston

Nov. 15-20: Atlanta, GA

Nov. 28-Dec. 4: State College, PA



Jan. 18-26: 4th Annual Michigan Tango Festival & classes, Ann Arbor

Jan. 27-30 Philadelphia, PA
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Jan. 31-Feb. 6: Empire Dance, New York City

Feb. 8-15: Eugene, OR
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Feb. 16-21: Valentango, Portland

Feb. 25: Santa Barbara, CA
Contact: Brian & Fay

March 2-7: Houston, TX
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March 8-14: Pittsburgh Argentine Tango Society, Pittsburgh, PA

March 15-20: DC Tango Marathon, Washington, DC

March 21-30: Providence Tango, Providence

March 31- April 2: Yale Tango Fest, New Haven

May 2-10: San Francisco, CA
Schedule & registration info

May 11-16: Moreno Tango, Boston, MA

May 17-23: Portland, Oregon (weekend workshops & classes) See Flyer

May 24-31: Ojai, CA
Schedule & registration info

May 31-June 6: Los Angeles, CA
Schedule & Registration info
Flyer for LA workshops

June 13-20: Philadelphia, PA
Schedule & Registration info

June 30-July 4: Tango Joven Festival, Chicago

July 7-11: Penn State Ballroom Club, State College, PA
Contact: Barbara Kennedy

July 12-19: Tango Intensive with Andres & Meredith, Pittsburgh Argentine Tango Society, Pittsburgh, PA
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July 22: Andres & Meredith's wedding party, Providence All-Night Milonga

August 4-15: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Contact: Milo Quadros

Aug. 16-Feb. 1: Buenos Aires

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